Are you on an insecure academic contract? If so we’d like to hear from you

book-address-book-learning-learn-159751The Effects of Casualisation on Teaching and Learning in HE: An Exploratory Study


Dr Barbara Read, University of Glasgow (

Prof Carole Leathwood, London Metropolitan University (

Welcome to the homepage for our project. The purpose of the study is to explore the perceptions and experiences of contract or otherwise impermanent academic staff in the UK in regards to the perceived impact (if any) of their employment status on their teaching and teaching-related interactions with their students. If you are currently teaching in a higher education institution whilst on a temporary, hourly-paid or ‘zero hours’ contract we would love to invite you to participate – please do email us to let us know at the email addresses above. 

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary, and would involve an ‘email interview’: you would be sent two separate emails with a number of questions that you would be able to answer in your own time before emailing the answers back to us. It is estimated that the time taken to answer the questions would be approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour in total across the two emails.

Your details would be kept confidential: data would be anonymised immediately through the use of pseudonyms. We would be very happy to send you a summary of the research findings if you would like us to do so at the end of the project, and will be keeping a separate password-protected file containing only participant names, pseudonyms and contact details, in order to help with sending this summary and to answer any follow-up questions you may have.  Please note that assurances on confidentiality will be strictly adhered to unless evidence of wrongdoing or potential harm is uncovered. In such cases the University may be obliged to contact relevant statutory bodies/agencies.

The data will be kept for 10 years for possible re-use in academic papers, again adhering to conditions of anonymity described above, and will not be made available to researchers outside the current research team.

This project has been considered and approved by the University of Glasgow College of Social Science Research Ethics Committee. If you would like to pursue any complaint please contact the College of Social Sciences Ethics Officer, Dr Muir Houston, email: or for general information do contact either of the researchers at the email addresses above.

Thank-you for reading this and we hope to hear from you,

Barbara and Carole


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